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Workshops and Training for self-development and inner growth

Conscious Connected Breathwork has been the core element of our work for almost 40 years. Breathwork is in essence a bridge between thinking and feeling.
By focusing our attention on our breathing we learn to better recognise the numerous facets of our own personalities and we experience that, with a conscious mind and attentive manner, we are able to safely process and deal with our emotions instead of drowning in them. Connected Breathwork acts as a guide to assist you through your journey of inner discovery.

“Supported by the method of Conscious Connected Breathing we, step by step, take back responsibility for our lives, and control of our inner well-being once again shifts back into our own hands.”


The next Breathwork Therapy Seminars and Workshops



What is Integrative Breathwork Therapy?

By consciously connecting the inhale with the exhale to a relaxing rhythm, our attention gets redirected to what is happening in the body NOW at this time. In this way contact is made between your body and your feelings. Meanwhile the therapist helps the client to relax in this -sometimes-overwhelming experience, and feelings and emotions are individually given earnest attention.


Institute for Integrative Breathwork Therapy Team

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The training: Breathwork Therapy and Relationship work

Our course is a deeply comprehensive training in personal development and is meant for anybody who – be that professionally or otherwise – has to deal with people and communication as well as for all those who would like to infuse more joy and success into their work and life.

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