Benefits of Integrative Breathwork Therapy with Heavily Traumatized Clients

a lecture by Tilke Platteel-Deur for the Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) 2014.

For many years I have worked with clients with severe trauma, using Integrative Breathwork Therapy, intense counselling and personal work. I have witnessed remarkable recoveries. Women who had been abused since a very early age have come full circle and now work successfully in the social field and live healthy, productive and successful lives. It has been a great privilege to work with, and observe the recovery and spiritual growth of these human beings. Read more

Guidelines for Breathwork Sessions (of the GPBA)

Zertifizierte Atemtherapie Ausbildung der Global Professional Breathwork Alliance

Global Professional Breathwork Alliance


Breathwork is a powerful, body-mind practice that activates a deepening of awareness and assists conscious evolution. Breathwork might be considered as a “ritual of awareness”, a process by which we intentionally tap into the energetic potential of conscious, connected breathing and its transformative power to heal.
Utilization of conscious, connected breathing can be conducted alone, in pairs, or in groups within safe, secure and comfortable settings.
The aim of these guidelines is to be wide enough to support an extensive range of Breathwork styles/differences, yet specific enough to contain some key cohesive principles such as Method, Safety, Inner Healer, Unconditional Positive Regard and Confidentiality.

What is Conscious, Connected Breathing?

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