Michael Drees

Atemtherapie Trainer - Michael Drees

“Breathing is very simple but, precisely because of that, not always easy. I breathe in, and through that, actively step towards my life. I breathe out and surrender to what surrounds and carries me.

Learning and practicing this over and over again, is to me the core of Integrative Breathwork Therapy.”


After having studied Theology, Michael began his profession as a pastor. He now works as a pastor and therapist in a prison. Alongside his work in prison, he has his own private practice in psychotherapy.

Michael adores nature, is an enthusiastic photographer and enjoys cooking. He is also an avid musician and soulfully plays the guitar. Michael is a guest trainer in the training and, together with Hans, guides the chanting. As a counterbalance to his job he very much likes to work with his hands. He is a father to four adult children.

Education, Training and Experience

Integrative Breathwork Therapy – Michael Drees

Integrative Atemtherapie - Michael Drees

1980 – 1986 Study protestant Theology
1986 – 1989 Vikariat (practical training to become parson)
Seit 1989 Parson in various communities, universities and prisons
2003-2006 Training Integrative Breathwork Therapy
2007 Heilpraktiker (alternative practitioner) – Psychotherapy
2007 – 2008 Trainer course at the Institute for Integrative Breathwork Therapy
Seit 2009 Guest trainer at the Institute of Integrative Breathwork Therapy

Practical experience

  • For over 15 years he has been intensively busy with the leading of group counselling sessions, workshops with and lectures for men including one concerning the questioning of ones gender.
  • Planning and leading of seminars, gatherings and trainings.
  • Years of experience in inter cultural communication.
  • Intensive work on overreaching ideologies.