Sommer Warm Water Training with Heidi and Hans

Zomerkamp Ademtherapie

Open for everyone interested in breathwork and all breathwork graduates

It is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy hot and cold water in De Bron in a very light and summery atmosphere and to work outside a lot.
It’s simply good to treat yourself to a ‘little inspection’ from time to time, to pause and examine in familiar surroundings ‘where things are stuck’ and what can be done or left alone to get things running smoothly again. This year in Nijeholtpade (NL)

Refuel, breathe, feel and enjoy the ‘power of breathwork’ together for 5 days!

Price plus room and board, Centrum de Bron (Netherlands).

Date - Sun. 14. Jul. 2024, 15:00
InstructorHans Mensink, Heidi Stein
Venue Centrum "de Bron"
LanguageGerman, English, Dutch
Price 450,- €