Birgit van der Koelen

Birgit van der Koelen - Informationen Atemtherapie (DE)

“Conscious Connected Breathing is a beautiful way to feel my own energy, increase my perception, find my rhythm and bring myself to deeper depths. And the wonderful thing is, I always have my breath with … Read more

Michael Drees

Atemtherapie Trainer - Michael Drees

“Breathing is very simple but, precisely because of that, not always easy. I breathe in, and through that, actively step towards my life. I breathe out and surrender to what surrounds and carries me. Learning … Read more

Irene Aafjes

Irene Aafjes - Trainer Instituut voor Integratieve Ademtherapie

“I am continuously impressed by the simplicity of Breathwork. Conscious Connected Breathing gently and safely steers every process in the right direction. With that comes the magic of the Inner Child which allows us access … Read more

Heidi Stein

Atemtherapie Trainerin - Heidi Stein

“Conscious Connected Breathing lets the illusion of yesterday, today and tomorrow disappear. What remains is the perfect now. Breathwork helps me take responsibility for what is and with the utmost confidence shape my own life.” … Read more

Hans Mensink

Atemtherapie Institut Trainer - Hans Mensink

“Conscious Connected Breathing helps us to create a safe environment wherein we can experience our true selves. If we combine breathing and singing, we can very easily find the way back to our divine core, … Read more